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TMDA is an open source anti-spam system and local mail delivery agent written in 100% pure Python. TMDA combines whitelists, blacklists, a challenge/response system, and special-purpose e-mail addresses called "tagged addresses" to thwart spam.

This community-maintained wiki is the definitive source for TMDA documentation and information. Anyone should feel free to add content to these pages or make changes to existing ones. If want to create an account, see UserPreferences. You can use WikiSandBox for testing purposes. See HelpContents for information on how to edit pages or add new ones.

SiteNavigation contains a number of indexes for this site. Use the search box on each page for a quick search of text or titles, or see FindPage to do an advanced search.


  • AboutTmda - more about TMDA including a description, history, features, testimonials, press coverage.

  • See TmdaDonations if you wish to donate to the project.


  • TmdaDocumentation - how to configure TMDA, reference manuals, tutorials, HOWTOs, and links to external documents about TMDA.


  • TmdaInstall - software requirements, and how to install and upgrade TMDA.

  • TmdaDownload - links to source code, OS packages, and the Subversion repository.


  • TmdaSupport - how to troubleshoot TMDA, FAQ, and commercial support.

  • MailingLists - TMDA mailing lists and searchable archives.

  • The #tmda channel on irc.freenode.net.


Developer Topics

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