This page contains a list of new features and capabilities we have planned for TMDA 1.2, or other future releases (Note that some features have already been implemented in TMDA 1.1.x). This is a lot of work, so what actually gets implemented depends on our free time, participation of new developers, etc. Therefore it can also be considered a "wish list". If you are a developer, feel free to add your own items to this list. Note that anyone with sufficient interest and skills are encouraged to work on any of these. Discussion of these items should take place on the tmda-workers mailing list. Also, please check with the list before starting work to make sure an item hasn't already been finished.

Items that are stroked out are assumed to be completed.

Architecture / Code Organization

Python versions and libraries

Pending Queue


Tagged Addresses


Local mail delivery

Filter files


Mailing list integration

Unit testing framework

Performance / Scalability


Outside contributions

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