URL Confirmation

By supplying your own templates (see the Template HOWTO for more on customizing your templates) you can use tmda-cgi's URL confirmation feature. This allows you to specify a URL in your confirmation e-mail as an alternative to confirming by e-mail.

To supply a confirmation URL, simply use the %(confirm_accept_url)s variable in confirm_request.txt as shown in centralized no-su setup.


  • Be sure you set CGI_URL and TEMPLATE_DIR before modifying your template! No confirmation e-mails will be sent if you specify a %(confirm_accept_url)s until these variables are properly configured.

  • Always test your configuration after making a change to your templates.

  • Your crypt_key file must be readible by tmda-cgi to use this feature.

    This is not and issue if you are running in system-wide or single-user modes, but in no-su mode, you will have to:

    • Put crypt_key in the CGI's group.
    • Assign crypt_key 640 permissions.
    • Turn on ALLOW_MODE_640.