Released Versions

Released Versions

The latest releases of tmda-cgi may be found in the download directory.

Releases are named tmda-cgi-X.XX.tgz where X.XX is the release number. Typically you will want to download the most recent release (the one with the largest X.XX). I am keeping a couple older releases around during this period of rapid development, but these will most likely disappear once we stabilize the code.

Release tgz's should be uncompressed into the directory where you plan to keep tmda-cgi, typically in a directory parallel to your TMDA installation. In other words, if you installed TMDA to /usr/local/src/tmda-Y.YY, then I'd recommend you put tmda-cgi at /usr/local/src/tmda-cgi-X.XX:

$ cd /usr/local/src
$ tar -xzf tmda-cgi-X.XX.tgz


Before proceeding with the install, check the release directory for any patches.

Patches are named patch-X.XX-YYYYMMDD where X.XX is the tmda-cgi release number and YYYYMMDD is the date we created the patch.

Make sure you only apply patches with the same revision number as your tmda-cgi release.

Typically, patches must be applied to files in tmda-cgi's root directory (/usr/local/src/tmda-cgi-X.XX in the example above), however it is possible that the patch is for code in another directory or even for a certain version of TMDA to make it compatible with this tmda-cgi release. Always read the comments at the top of a patch file before installing it. The comments may give you more information about what the patch does, under what conditions you may need it, and how it should be installed.

Patches are typically installed as such:

$ cd /usr/local/src/tmda-cgi-X.XX
$ patch < patch-X.XX-YYYYMMDD


If you like bleeding edge software, you can pull down the CVS copies either from the SourceForge Repository or the nightly snapshots.

If you are using non-released code, you should be reading the tmda-cvs mailing list to stay abreast of changes.