tmda-cgi is now "theme-able". If you don't like the default "Blue" theme, you can create your own. Submit it back to us and if we like it enough, we might even add your theme to future releases!


Login authentication can be done with password files, POP3, IMAP, or even checkpassword / vchkpw.


Once TMDA and tmda-cgi have been installed on your server, you can add TMDA protection to any e-mail account without ever entering the shell.

The installer, uninstaller, and info pages even include a place for you for any special instructions you wish to share with your users.


The installer comes with an FAQ so your users can make an educated choice before installing TMDA on their account. This can save you both headaches.

Dynamic address generation

tmda-cgi will generate "keyword", "dated", and "sender" addresses. The output in placed in input boxes so you can copy and paste them into web forms. This is handy when you need to sign up for accounts on various services.

Index of pending e-mails (whitelist & blacklist options enabled)

The whitelist and blacklist columns are optional. If you do not have them configured, these radio buttons will not appear.

Unread messages are shown in bold, previously read messages are shown in normal text.

Navigation buttons grey out when they are not applicable.

The number of items per page is configurable (per user).

View the contents of a pending e-mail with attachements

Again, whitelist and blacklist options are only shown if configured.

Optional Javascript confirmation when deleting or blacklisting

Confirmations may be configured per user.

Show all headers mode when viewing an e-mail

tmda-cgi remembers if you toggle "view all headers" so you don't have to keep selecting it every time you view an e-mail.

URL confirmation feedback

With tmda-cgi, you can modify your confirmation template and allow the original sender to confirm either by replying or by clicking an included URL.

Theme picker

Although tmda-cgi only comes (currently) with a single theme, it is set up to allow as many as you wish to create or download. Each user can pick their own from the list and then go on to customize it to their own personal tastes.

List editor

The list editor lets you edit any of your text-file based lists, even custom ones you've added to your filter.

Filter editor

tmda-cgi will let you edit your incoming and outgoing filter files. These functions can be disabled (and made view-only) by the system administrator.

Dynamic address testing

tmda-cgi will test "keyword", "dated", and "sender" addresses to make sure they are valid.

Local configuration editor [Form-mode] [Text-mode]

tmda-cgi will let you edit important values in your local configuration file. The templates may be edited if you don't want your users to modify all of these settings (or by the same means, you could add more fields for them to edit).

tmda-cgi also lets you edit your local configuration file directly. This function can be disabled (and made view-only) by the system administrator.

Templates editor

tmda-cgi will let you edit the templates used to generate bounce messages, confirmation requests, and confirmation acknowledgements. These functions can be disabled (and made view-only) by the system administrator.

Global configuration viewer

With tmda-cgi, you can view the contents of TMDA's global configuration file.

Info page

The info keeps handy stuff like the version number and links to the tmda-cgi homepage.


If a user decides they don't like having filtered mail, they can uninstall it themselves.